Welcome to Straight to the Horse's Mouth

Horses have been roaming free around the Placitas area for generations, originating from many sources. As time has passed, their freedom, resources and safety have been severely impacted. We are a Placitas Non-Profit Horse Sanctuary.

Straight To The Horse’s Mouth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by a small community group of 6 members dedicated to the long term care of these formerly wild Placitas horses. The horses are now safely corralled on one of the members property. Their sanctuary includes acreage to roam and run on, summer pasture and shelter from the elements.  Food, veterinary care and birth control are provided through fund-raising efforts and generous contributions of money and supplies.

Blaze, the stallion of our group is approximately 24 years old. He and his herd  have grazed in this immediate area of Placitas for many years. One of the members of his group was severely injured by a hit and run driver and had to be taken out of her suffering. Insufficient water and forage access during recent drought years meant a dangerous crossing of Highway 165.

Seeing the horses graze and roam freely and watching the family grow with newborns and new members has been enchanting to residents of the area, yet also bitter-sweet in its tragedies as well as threats to their continued well-being.  Blaze's herd is now safely off the road and out of threat.